Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Lady

This is how a 3-year-old edits himself:
 On the car ride home today, Nathan said to me, "Mom, you know _____________ is getting ready to be an old lady." And since he talks so much and does not allow you to get a word in, he repeated himself and said, "_____________________'s getting ready to be an old lady."
As I was trying to ask him what he meant, he said, "Never mind, Mom. Never mind."
Then I was finally able to get a word in.
"Nathan, what do you mean?"
"I said never mind, Mom. Never mind."
"I know, but why did you say never mind?"
"Because I don't want to hurt __________________'s feelings.  So I'm just going to keep it in my head for the whole day."
"Okay, that's probably better that way. I'm very proud of you for making that choice and not saying that. You're right, it might hurt someone's feelings."

(I took the name out when I was writing this so I would make sure no one's feelings were hurt, since that was Nathan's wish!)

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