Thursday, April 1, 2010


We used the new T-ball bat we bought for the boys for the first time today. They had a lot of fun. Rylan had a few really good hits with Ryan pitching to him. Nathan did too, but he still used the red plastic bat that's a little bigger. Rylan actually broke one of the whiffle balls! He was really excited about that. Of course, Owen and Mommy were on the side cheering for each of them. When it was Nathan's turn, he would say, "Cheer for me Mommy!" One time, when Nathan was up to bat, he kept missing the ball. He was getting a little frustrated, but was still having a good time. He told the ball, "Come on sucker!" Now, I don't approve of this language that he probably got from a movie, but it was still funny to me. When he finally hit a ball, he took off to run the bases. He ran to first, ran 3 circles around first without ever touching it, then ran past second, and past third, without touching them, and then stomped on to home. He was so proud of himself. I was laughing and cheering for him. He then came running over to me and said, "Good job cheering for me Mom! Give me a high 5!" It was a lot of fun.