Monday, February 22, 2010


Rylan had a "friendship party" at school for Valentine's Day. We made his Valentines, and he had a specific one set out for Wayra. It was nothing special, except that he colored it a little differently than the others. When he came home and was showing us his valentines that he had received from his classmates, he took one and said, "I want to put this one up on the wall so I can see it." Can you guess who that one is from? Wayra. It's a little pink card with a white cat on it that says "Happy Valentine's Day."

Wet Willies

There is one thing that Ryan, my husband, hates...that's wet willies. Rylan gave him one while they were playing the other day and it shocked Ryan so much that he yelled, "Ew! What was that?!" In the mean time, Nathan had his finger in his mouth, ready to give the next one to Ryan, but when he saw the reaction that Daddy gave, he stuck his finger in his own ear. EEWW!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ten Commandments

We were talking this morning about the rules, or 10 commandments that God gave us. We talked about each one and why God told us to do them. Some of them were funny to talk about, at least on my end. It was funny to see their faces just soak up what "don't commit adultery" means. And we were all in agreements that the last 5 rules, don't lie, commit adultery, murder, steal, and covet were all really good rules that are there to keep us happy and others happy. The first 4 commandments that have to do with God are good too. God really loves us, so that's why He wants us to do these things. That leaves commandment number 5....honor you father and mother. We talked about what that means. And I told them that the Bible says if they do this, they'll live a long life. Rylan thought it was a good idea, but Nathan, on the other hand...well he said, "Well, I'm not going to do it. It's not good." I didn't laugh, but he made me chuckle on the inside. This should get interesting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Love

Rylan (5) has told me he likes a girl at school more than all the other girls at school. She has brown hair that goes to her shoulder and her name is Wyla. He's going to show her to me tomorrow. Whenever he sees her, he closes his eyes, because she doesn't like him. She used to like him, however does not like him anymore, and that makes him sad. He doesn't know why.
Me: Well, Rylan, did you ask her why she doesn't like you?
Rylan: I asked her, Wyla, do you like me? and she said no.
Me: Well, maybe you can ask her if you can still be friends.
Rylan: No, I promise, she said we're not friends anymore.
Oh the pains of liking poor boy. I can't imagine why anyone would not like him!