Friday, August 31, 2012

You're Old

We went to a free exhibit today about dinosaurs.  They had learning centers, drawing centers, and there was a digging center where you could look for fossils, etc.  It's pretty small.  I could stand in one central location and see all three of the boys at one time, at least when they weren't in the caves.  So you're getting the picture, right?

Nathan was in the digging center, which has a few chairs to the side of it for parents, etc.  There wasn't that many people in the area anymore, so I could hear all different conversations.  I was standing behind a short wall, so that I could see him and the other two.

I hear Nathan talking with an older man, who is another little boy's "Papa".  And he's asking all the boys in the digging pit if they found a live dinosaur.  Here's what I heard:

Nathan: Dinosaurs are extinct.  They don't live anymore.
Man: Oh really? Are you sure about that? I saw one over on Bush Street.
Nathan: No you didn't, there aren't any more.
Man: Well, don't go over by Bush Street, I don't want him to get ya.
Nathan: I know you're just kidding.
Man: How do you know that?
Nathan: Because you're old.
Man: (laughing hysterically, so is his grown daughter who was listening) What? Do you think old people can't see?
Nathan: Yea, you need glasses like my brother.

Okay, so two things. 
1. Should I say something to Nathan? Should I not? Then they'll know that he's mine.
2. Maybe I should say something....but the man was pulling his leg and Nate pulled right back.  And he wasn't saying it in a mean way...he was being funny on purpose...

So I walk over to the other side of the wall now.  The man and his daughter are still dying laughing.  I look at them and smile and say, "Sorry. I didn't want to have to claim him after that, but I guess I should."  Well, that really set the man off in laughter. 
I followed up with, "He's a jokester and when people pull his leg, he pulls back.  My father and father-in-law have taught him well."

Thanks for taking the fall Papa and Grandad...I'll be blaming more things on you in the future!