Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a teenager!

Rylan and Nathan were playing "family." That is the newest thing that they like to do. They take turns being the Dad or even the Mom. The other will be the baby or the son. It changes every time. So today, Nathan asks Rylan if he wants to play. They both agree Nathan will be the Dad and Rylan the son. Rylan was trying to continue playing with his race car track, but "Dad" told him he had to stop. Apparently "son" was not listening and "Dad" tried to turn it off. Then I hear "son" exclaim, "I can do whatever I want, I'm a teenager!" HA! He's got another thing coming to him!

Old Pictures

We were looking through an old phone that is not used any more. I think it's from Grandma. She let the boys play with it. Nathan asked her to charge it for him. After dinner we started looking at the old pictures. There were pictures of Rylan when he was a baby and of Nathan when he was a baby. We were oo-ing and ah-ing then all of the sudden Nathan says with no joking, "Can we please stop, this is freaking me out." We all roared with laughter and Nathan did, too. I don't know if he really meant it or if the kid can just deliver a line. He cracks us all up.

Sweet moments

Rylan and Nathan were getting ready for a nap today. I was finishing up with Owen and getting him ready for a nap. I guess Rylan said he was going to go to sleep already, and I overheard Nathan say, "But you're going to miss the hug and kiss!" He said it as if it was a prized possession that he would never think of forgetting. And he never does.