Monday, November 29, 2010

How Do We Have Babies?

The boys were having a great conversation today that I happened upon.

They were talking about girlfriends.  And I missed the questions that prompted the conversation, but listened as Rylan explained to Nathan that girls can be your girlfriends now because they are little.  But when you get older, they turn into your wife.  And then they become mothers and you become a father.

Nathan asked if he was going to be a father and Rylan was going to be a mother, and Rylan chuckled a bit, but remained composed and explained that he has to be a father, because he's a boy, just like Owen will be a father, too.

Nathan then asked how he has a baby. Rylan told him that he doesn't have the baby, only the mother does.

And as I strained to hear the rest of the explanation, he ended it. And I smiled. 

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

Nathan (4) and Rylan (6) have been playing football all day long. They take turns being different teams. Sometimes they're professional teams, other times college teams.

As I was listening to them play today, I noticed that no matter what team Nathan was, college or pro, he always added in that there were cheerleaders at the game.  But not just any cheerleaders, the Georgia Bulldog cheerleaders.

I thought about this and wondered why they were always Bulldog cheerleaders.  And I realized, that we just got back from Atlanta, where one of the traditions is to watch the Univ. of Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football game.  Nathan watched it with the big boys this year.

So, I imagined that he saw a cheerleader that he really liked during that game.

I asked my husband about it and he said that there was one cheerleader that came on the TV. It was a really close up shot, and Nathan was standing right in front of the TV at the time.  He stopped what he was doing and stared at the TV while she shook her pom-poms and cheered on her team.  His mouth hung open. 

I later asked Nathan why there were always Georgia cheerleaders cheering for him, he just put his head down and tried not to laugh. I asked if he had seen one on the TV that he thought was pretty and he ran out of the room, trying to not crack a smile, but as he ran away I heard him giggling.