Monday, November 29, 2010

How Do We Have Babies?

The boys were having a great conversation today that I happened upon.

They were talking about girlfriends.  And I missed the questions that prompted the conversation, but listened as Rylan explained to Nathan that girls can be your girlfriends now because they are little.  But when you get older, they turn into your wife.  And then they become mothers and you become a father.

Nathan asked if he was going to be a father and Rylan was going to be a mother, and Rylan chuckled a bit, but remained composed and explained that he has to be a father, because he's a boy, just like Owen will be a father, too.

Nathan then asked how he has a baby. Rylan told him that he doesn't have the baby, only the mother does.

And as I strained to hear the rest of the explanation, he ended it. And I smiled. 

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