Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretend with Nathan

Random moments with Nathan: Today he wanted to play kittens. He was the kitten and I was the human. I held him and pet his head. Then I gave him an imaginary bowl with milk and he lapped it up. Then I was the Mommy cat and we cuddled and purred. Then I told him how Mommy cats clean baby know, they lick them. He thought that was hilarious, so of course I (pretended) to lick all over his head and he died laughing. Other times he plays like he's a baby bird and I'm the mommy bird. He likes that game because he knows how mommy birds feed baby birds. Do you know? It's too gross to put into it! I love these games with Nathan.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day I was putting my produce away. I dropped a few apples, I thought it was three, but when I was picking them up I could only find two. Then I had that conversation in my mind, you know the one. Am I really going crazy? Because I thought there was three apples but I can't find the other one! Then I keep looking over the floor as I continue putting away the produce. A few minutes later, I noticed that the house was unusually void of the constant baby talk and squealing that Owen contributes. I asked, "Where's Owen?" And began looking around. I then found him under the table quietly eating an apple, trying to be ask quiet as possible. When he noticed that I saw him, he said, "Uhhh? Huh? Muh?" Then he laughed and gave me a cheesy smile to try to play it off and triumphantly took another bite.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garbage Picker

Owen is now walking all over the place. He struts his stuff and is so proud of himself. He loves to be able to stand up and look at things and grab things off the counter. One thing he has discovered is the garbage can. We have one that is covered, but he's also learned how to open it. He stands up next to it and lifts the top up to discover what treasures lie beneath the lid. Usually, I catch him. Sometimes, I do not. Yesterday was one of those days that I did not. I looked over at him and saw him with something in his hand and in his mouth. He had taken a piece of a bagel out of the garbage and was happily biting pieces off. He looked at me and said, "AAAHH?! UUHHH?!" He gave me a great big smile and kicked his feet like he does when he's excited, and took another bite. least it was a bagel!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Regular Grandma

We were discussing our plans for the evening. It's Grandma's birthday today, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so we were planning to go to her house for dinner and cake. Nathan and Rylan were talking about it in the other room and I was listening. I heard Rylan explain the details to Nathan and Nathan's question was, "We're going to Regular Grandma's house?" Now I didn't understand what he meant by that question, but Rylan didn't skip a beat he said, "Yeah, not Great-Grandma, just Grandma."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Not Flowers

This is a post about my man, not my boys, but worth the time to write it. You know how some men bring home flowers to their wife when they come home from work or from a quick run to the store? Well, not my husband. He knows that flowers die, and they're not really the way to my heart. He came home the other day and said, "Baby, I know how much you love saving money, so I brought you a new coupon book!" Well, that's as good (or better) as flowers for me any day of the week! I love you Ryan!