Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hanging on Every Word

Nathan and the things he says.

They can make you nervous:
As the elevator door opened, two rather large ladies were waiting to walk out.  We were waiting to get on. Nathan was the first in line. He said, "That's a huuuuuggggeee.....(he paused for a second while I was dying inside, praying that the next words out of his mouth would ease my fears).....elevator!"

They can make others laugh:
While he was in the men's bathroom at church, he said to a young man, "I drank so much chocolate milk, I think my pee is chocolate." After he passed gas he said in all seriousness, "I'm the fart master."

They can surprise others (usually while embarrassing the mother):
Playing at a friend's house, he declared to their group of three boys, "We're the fart team!"

They can be so sweet:
Waiting to see his new baby cousin, he asked, "Mommy? Will baby Hannah be so pretty?" After I said yes, he said, "And she's going to be so cute."

I'm hanging on your every word, my Nathan.

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