Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conversations in the Dark

I was at my friend's house today. She had her 20 month old there and I brought Owen. All the older brothers were at schools or with Daddy, so it was just the two little ones. They're really getting along together quite well without all of the interruptions from the older boys.

The two of us girls were chatting it up. We each thought the other had an eye on the boys. We could hear them babbling, but realized that we didn't quite know where they were. We followed the talking noises and wound up outside of the bathroom door.  That's Owen's favorite place, so I made sure that door was closed, but older friend knows how to open it. I wonder who's idea it was?

Anyway, as we opened the door, first the smell of Airwick Automatic Air Sanitizer hit us in the face. It is motion activated and will spray every two minutes. Second, we noticed the lack of light. My friend and I looked at each other with wide eyes. Owen was sitting on the floor and older friend was sitting on the (closed) toilet. They were talking away with each other, in the dark, in an overly scented bathroom.

When they saw us open the door, Owen jumped right up and almost ran out of the room, but older friend was happy to sit there on the throne a while longer.

This was one of those rare sights that really cracked me up. I wonder what their conversation was about?

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