Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everybody Needs a Buddy

The older boys (Rylan and Nathan) were playing out back.

There's a little boy that lives behind us that has figured out a way to hop the fence over to our back yard. He's a two years older than Rylan.

As I told the boys it was time to say goodbye, I heard Rylan say:
"Wait! Before you leave! Will you be my best buddy? I don't have a best buddy."

He said yes to Rylan.

Nathan then said,
"I wanna be your best buddy too! I wanna be your best buddy too! Can I? Can I?"

The boy just kinda ignored him a little bit, but I think he said yeah. (But Rylan told me later that the boy whispered into Rylan's ear that Nathan's too little to be his best buddy. At least he whispered it and tried to spare his feelings.)

Then when he was making his final ascent and descent back over the fence, Nathan said,
"Can't you just come down here and give me a hug?"

The boy said, "Here, just give me five. Climb up here and give me five."

Nathan settled it with a hand shake.

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  1. Awe! Poor Nate is always getting the short end of the stick! :p