Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bec's Post

Today we have a guest post by my best friend! 
Rebecca has been my  friend since we were 5. 
We have tons of memories together, usually ones that she remembers and I've seemed to have forgotten.
But her friendship has meant the world to me. We've graduated kindergarten, 6th grade, and highschool together. Were in each others wedding, and now between the two of us, we have 5 boys and 1 girl.
Here's what happened today while we were together:

Man do I love my funny nephews!  

Sometimes the funny things they say, or even just the way they say regular things makes me laugh.  

Today, Nathan was looking over at Zoë as she lay in her bassinet.  He was talking sweetly to her and touching her hand gently, and all of a sudden she flashed him this HUGE smile.  

Nate, pleased with Zoë’s reaction, looked up at me and said, “Did you see that Aunt Bec?  She smiled at me, she always smiles for me.”  (LOVE IT)  

I coyly replied “She can smile at you all she wants, but she is betrothed to Owen.”   

(Inside joke that I want Zoë to marry Owen one day, kind of like the arranged marriages of old.   I was suspecting my comment would go WAY over Nate’s head due to my choice of words). 

But Nate looked up at me with a face that only Nate can give and replied “She likes me better”.  

I could not help but laugh.  

It was obvious that not only did he understand the context of my prior remark, but that he too could be just as cunning.  

Gotta love that kid!  He knows just how to worm his way into my heart, and maybe one day he’ll do the same to Zoë  ;-)   

Hey, one of those Johnson boys has to marry my baby-girl just so I can make Sarah my family “officially” and reap the benefits of Holiday get togethers, etc. etc.!!!

I guess my kids will have to stop calling her Aunt Bec at some point if she wants this to happen!
Love you Bec!!! 

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  1. I remember dreaming about the boy my Lisa would marry. I had several good picks, Kyle was one. I always sensed she'd marry someone a few years older than her. It would be fun though to watch that kind of relationship grow between two young 'uns and it's always fun to dream! Way to go Nate...already the ladies' man!