Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exercise Time

So lately I've had two girlfriends come over in the morning and we've been working out in the living room. They come early, usually about 7 am. The kids usually sleep later than that, so we try to be quiet. The first day, I didn't tell the kids about them coming over. Nathan came out with his sleepy eyes, squinting at the bright light then looked like he thought he was still dreaming. He looked so confused. He wouldn't talk to any of us, just went over to the table and started coloring. That's usually how he deals with things, by ignoring them. The two other boys slept right through the whole thing. Later, when the girls were gone and after Rylan woke up, I told him that they were over and we exercised. He had a look of shock on his face and said, "So I missed the whole thing." "Yep," I said. With a look of relief on his face he said, "Good! Because that would be gross!" :P

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