Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Telling My Mom

We were at a small church today with the family.  There were only about 15 people there.  A few of them were kids...three of them mine.   So they don't really have a children's program for the kids, because there usually are only 1 or 2 that are a little older.

One lady took the children into another room but apparently there was not much to do in there.

The older boys said that they felt like they were in jail because it was such a tiny room.  The lady agreed and decided to take them outside for a little walk.

Owen, however, insisted that she should take him to his class.  She told him there was no class.  He said, "I'm going to tell my mom that you not take me to my class."  She was trying to explain as best she could that there was no class.  He still insisted and then grabbed her hand and walked her into the women's bathroom saying, "See, I show you my class."
When he got in there he looked around and realized this was not his class.

Poor boy.  And she was a sport with him, trying to help him understand.  But we all got a good laugh about it!

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