Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Good Remedy for Dry Cough

It seems that I've come across a good remedy for a dry, hacking cough.  (Although it's only been tested once.)  Here it is: 2 tbsp honey and lemon and a good amount of black pepper.  Heat it in the microwave for about 10 seconds then sip. (The pepper makes your throat secrete mucus that helps soothe it.)

Now, why am I writing this in my blog you ask? Well, Rylan and I have had some good ole times these past two nights with him up with this type of cough.

We've tried gargling with salt water, saline solution in his nose, sleeping sitting up on the couch, cough medicine, sipping water, and none of these have helped.  But we've had some laughs through it all. 

Last night, as I lay awake listening to him cough every 5-10 seconds, I thought I would research and see what home remedies there were for dry coughs.  I came across this, so I tried it.

And as I tip-toed into his room to give it to him, I knew he would hate it.  But it was worth the try.  I used a dropper to squeeze about a teaspoon into his mouth. 

His face said it all.   The concoction is quite a shock to your mouth if you have no idea what's in it. 

After he swallowed (which took about 30 seconds) he said in total disgust, "Oh Mom, Gross!"

Now to the funny part of the post.  This whole episode reminded me of when he was about 2 years old.  He was just repeating everything he was hearing at that point and I was scolding those around me to be careful what they say, because little ears are listening and his little mouth repeats.

Well, I was in his room one night giving him some medicine for a cough.  He didn't want to take it of course, so I told him it tasted like juice.

He took a sip and what he said to me that night as a two year old little boy, still makes me laugh out loud today.  He said, "That's freakin' whack juice!"

Of course his father was scolded once again for his word usage, but we all laughed at this for days.  And whenever it's time to give Rylan medicine, I think of my little ghetto two year old scolding me for the whack juice I made him drink.